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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

La neige!!

I'm scared the snow will end up covering our windows!! Darnit, the stuff did not melt. I guess I can deal with it. Until January. Then that stuff needs to GO!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Bon, je suis rendu la pro des tuques, ok, juste certaines tuques, mais quand même. Et là je tente ma chance avec des bas... Mais c'est l'enfer. Car je les recommences toujours. Je les fais trop grands, trop petits, trop bizarre... Bref, à date, pas génial mon affaire. 

Je suis dans la réorganisation de  mes photos de projets... Alors en voici quelques-un...

Friday, November 30, 2007

C'est l'hiver...

Ben oui. On savait bien que l'hiver allait s'installer ici, mais j'étais sous l'impression que ce serait plus tard qu'au mois de novembre... Bon, on a pas le choix, on va vivre avec... Mais bout de viarge que j'm'ennuie de l'été et de ma cours plein de soleil... 

Romi is now EVERYWHERE she shouldn't be. It's getting to be exhausting now. The girl crawls, stands, pulls stuff off the shelves. Finds dust bunnies, ok eats the dust bunnies (and everything liam leaves in his path). She makes a beehive for the table, crawls underneath and eats whatever crumbs she finds there. Gross, I know. I'm gonna need to do some serious reorganisation to contend with her. Liam never crawled, so I wasn't expecting this. yep, I'm an idiot.

Oh and I've done the one thing I had promised I'd never do : I put a bow in my sweet daughter's hair... Just to see. You know. Shhhh, don't tell Nico ;o) 

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

November blah

Where did summer go? It's freezing out, and I have clothes on the line supposedly drying, and little snowflakes falling. WTF??? It wasn't supposed to come that fast, but hey, I say that every year.

Romi's been sick the past few day... Ok, make that weeks. Sleeping has turned into nursing marathons and I.am.so.tired.already.
And she's crawling.
And she gets annoyed when she gets stuck somewhere. So she's not as happy as she once was. But she is growing up to be as charming as ever. Weird how she can be cranky and yummy at the same time...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New start

Well, here we are. Halloween's in a few hours... Liam is now 3 yrs old. Sniff. Where has the time gone? Nico made the most scrumptious ladybug costume for him last night while I knitted a headband to hold his antennas. Of course last night he explained to us he wanted to be a butterfly and no longer a ladybug. To which I replied that butterflies eat broccoli. And ladybugs eat candy. So he decided to stay with the plan. Good choice.