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Friday, March 28, 2008

Mittens galore!!

Could this be an obsession in the making?
I'm on my 3rd pair of Noro mittens. Scary, no? It seems that I'm the type of knitter that wants to do something over and over before moving on. It's kind of pathetic. I need to get hooked on socks quickly, at least before summer comes, to obsess over something a tad more useful.

And Liam's obsession du jour (he loves cow udders - nursing nostalgia perhaps?):

Easter was a blast even if I didn't knit the little bunnies I had planned to... Busy doing mittens will do that to a gal.


We did not give miss Coconut any chocolate (yeah, I know, I'm an evil mother) yet I found remnants of green foil in her diapers the next day. Go figure.

Here she is with her new accomplishment - sticking out her tongue. All.day.long. If she wasn't so darn cute, it might be weird, but she's so yummy that we're enamored with this new "milestone"!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March is cruel

I wish I had something witty and fun to say, but I have to admit that the snow is really getting to me. I feel like winter is dragging on and on and on. And now the latest 35cm of snow actually covered a third of my living room window. Cruel.
Liam and Nico came back from playing in the snow last night with a new friend. He had been abandoned and nearly destroyed, so the two of them decided to take him home and put him back together. Doesn't he look happy?

So today I decided to bow down to the gods of winter. I accept that there will be snow till June. I will not think about flip flops and tank tops for another 6 months, and in so doing, decided to make Nico a pair of his very own Noro mittens. Woo-hoo him. I am amazed that I remembered how to c/o 2 mittens on one magic loop. Kate must be a much better teacher than she gives herself credit for. Cause I have a serious case of the mama-boob-brain, meaning my smarts are on hiatus while miss Coconut is draining me of all my liquids and, well, sleep.