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Sunday, May 25, 2008


We had a great week!! Started last week or so. Nico painted the nasty mustard yellow decrepit brick black. We had too, the addition we built looked like it had been stuck on the duplex with crazy glue. So Nico redid the grout and shocked the heck out of our upstairs tenants (added bonus). Notice our newly planted Ginkgo Biloba in the forefront- the oldest tree on earth!

Next time, pictures of our newly finished deck!!

Kisses from our girl, just cause.

And Liam's crowning achievement: he finally gave up his night binkies!!! Yes, we are horrid parents that let our 3.5 yr old sleep with a binky. But how could I say no when he slept so well with them? And he was terrified of losing his binky... But fearing that the separation angst would grow as he aged, we took out the big guns. An exchange. A firetruck. A trip to the firestation.
The fireman was very accommodating and took Liam's ziplocked treasure with the promise that a truck would be forthcoming (I was waiting outside with it, it was donated to us by a kind coworker seeing how hard I had been searching for a solid truck that could take a beating). He sleeps with it every night and hasn't asked for his binky since (ok, he asked Nico but I wasn't there, so it doesn't really count).

We had fun eating ice-cream, miss coconut was laying musical chairs tasting everyone's cone!! Zélia's biscotti ice cream was the clear winner. And this was way past her bed time. And she still fell right asleep. So there.

Look at those 2 teeth!! So cute. Even if she's crying :)

Monday, May 12, 2008


Spring is here. For real!!!
We planted 3 trees and transplanted our lilac in the front of the house, I planted sugar peas and radishes (my first attempt at gardening, other than herbs) and we cleaned the BBQ.

And since I called in sick from work today, I finally have time to post while drinking my ginger ale to ease my woozy tummy.

Romi is doing amazingly well at daycare, she's a doll! All the staff seem to just love her. I'm still pumping at work so it's like I'm with her during that time... Somehow.