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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

End of an era?

Makes me sad to think about it... But I've started to sell off my beloved diaper stash.
I said goodbye to Goodmama's a few months back.
Now it's goodbye Firefly's, Clover's, Mutt's, BabyBeehinds... Sigh.
No good keeping all these diapers when I just use them on weekends, right? Since CPE's (daycare) are cloth-haters, I must make do.

I've been using g-diapers for nights (since they're flushable) but they are expensive, & buying 7th Generation from the US for daycare, but will be switching to Nature Baby Care as soon as I've used up the 7th Generation.

Why? Because 1.they're selling here in Canada 2.they are plastic free 3. compostable 4. no dioxins.
So the switch to disposables is being made in the most ecological way I could find.

We also visited friends over the weekend. The kids were all well behaved around the table, and boy was there food!!! Liam ate and ate and ate. And we met the new addition, an almost 4 weeks old Kelsey.