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Sunday, January 6, 2008


You know it's a sad day when you have to sell 2 of your beloved diapers. A gnome Muttaqin and a Goodmama. Why? Cause I went overboard with purchases. And these were the least painful of the lot that I could part with. The Mutt isn't a knit print, so didn't stretch as well as my others and the Goodmama faded after the first wash so I was scared to use it in case it faded anymore. 
Oh how I loved the Gnome print. I stalked for it, felt the thrill of the hunt, hands shaking, blood pressure going sky high while I refreshed my computer screen at 7:59:59pm. I got it. But I never realized it was a woven print. Until it came to live with me :(

Those of you who share my love of diapers can surely empathise. Lets all take a moment to wish these 2 diapers farewell, and hope they will land in a loving new home. 


mama said...

did you sell them? i want the gnome one!!
:) krismarie

dafeist said...

Darnit, I should've asked if one of you MDC mamas wanted them before posting them on DS, huh? Sorry, it's sold... I'm so sorry Kris!