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Friday, February 22, 2008


As soon as the camera turns on and we tell him to smile, this is the face he makes!!
He looks so serious, doesn't he? And don't you just love his choice of footwear? We should move to the suburbs, the shame.
Yes, Nico is checking the floorboards in this picture. The man is obsessed with his handywork.

J'adore Liam le soir à l'heure du dodo. Dès que c'est le temps de partir, il exige une calin, un bec et un bisou. Par la suite il met ses petit bras à l'entour de mon cou et me dit : c'est une clôture! T'es pris. Tu peux pas sortir.
Pis ça veut dire que je peux vraiment pas partir. Pas le droit de briser sa clôture, oh non. Ça serait le drame assuré!
Il est le petit garçon le plus affectueux du monde entier!!


mumamarie said...

kaylo does a very intense, huge smile when the camera comes out. it's impossible to get a real smile here too!
and i love his shoes! i have some like those :)

mumamarie said...

oh and i don't live in the suburbs :P i love my birki clogs! heehee

dafeist said...
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dafeist said...

oops, I deleted my own comment...

I was mostly making reference to his choice of shoes combined with socks, hihi! Faux-crocs and socks, it's a bad combination!

Cause I love my kids in clogs as well :)