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Thursday, February 7, 2008


Merci matante. Pour le méga beau chapeau.
Looking dazed and confused like a Britney Spears wannabe, here's miss Coconut sporting her wonderful faux-fur-white-trash hat. She's such a star!


French toast for supper? Sure hon. Am I not the most glorious mom that ever lived!?!


Can you feel the love? This is the extent of sibling interaction we get at this house. I am soooo envious of people posting pictures of their kids sleeping together or playing together, or just plain not hurting one another. Not me. My son pinches, scratches, pushes miss coconut every chance he gets. All under the veil of over excitement and not from outright aggression, but it still breaks my heart.



mumamarie said...

well, we are dealing with the same sibling "love" now-- there were actually bruises on zenon's arm from kaylo biting!!

i love the hat--i'd like to give her a big hug.

oh and we love french toast for dinner. :)

mumamarie said...

hey--it's still a deal for me b/c i'd pay at least 11.00 for a cover like that. :) i have a orange velour (??) outer, white inner, rainbow thread (whatever that is called) mutt. i like it a lot but it's strange--i have to have it as big as it goes and it still fits funny. gms definitely fit him better. :)
it would be so fun to have a messy play time for the boys--mixing up stuff. heehee.

DebbieKnitter said...

Hope you don't mind a lurker posting:) I love your blog....don't sweat the punches,pinches and shoves...trust me, my parents TRULY thought my older brother and I would kill each other right from the start, it lasted till I was about 4 or 5 and was ablse to give him a good BITE back and we have been the best of friends since. No kidding!!! So see, inner beatings makes lasting friends heehee